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SUN’s tuning fork aluminum backplanes are designed to meet the requirements of high performance military, aerospace, and industrial applications. Outstanding long-term reliability is demonstrated by a MTBF of 4 X 106 years / contact established under field operating conditions. Utilizing tuning fork contacts, insulators, ground bushings, ground posts, and polarizing keys to MIL-C-28754, the series offer outstanding interconnection performance in 0.100" grid configurations with two-, three-, and four- row connector patterns of virtually any length.

For high-density LSI applications, special low-force tuning fork contacts are available to reduce engagement forces by up to 30% below those of standard contacts. These contacts significantly ease daughter card insertion while providing excellent normal force characteristics, thus maintaining a high level of electrical and mechanical performance.

For aerospace applications that utilize the backplane as a key structural element, special milling techniques are available for designs that require high contact density, high thermal dissipation, lightweight, and high rigidity.

SUN’s tuning fork aluminum backplanes are designed to the requirements of MIL-C-28754 and WS6157. While they will mate with most well-designed blade connectors, they provide optimal mating performance and interconnection reliability in conjunction with SUN’s blade connectors.