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SUN ELECTRONICS DISTRIBUTION, INC. is a "preferred" supplier and "stocking" distributor of TERADYNE / AMPHENOL BACKPLANE, MASTERITE, ABELCONN and SUN "like / comparable" connector assemblies, headers, backplane components, bus strips, passive electronic power distributing components, and piece parts. SUN certifies all assemblies, connectors and components to the customer drawing designations, technical standards, military specifications or commercial part numbers.

SUN will provide MIL-C-28754 header connectors and complete metal backplane assemblies and / or components as well as MIL-C-28859 complete assemblies and parts / elements of: compliant female contacts, feed-thru pins, connector insulators, polarization pins, and bushings for your "press-fit" printed circuit board applications.  SUN's speciality is to supply TERADYNE and "like / comparable" complete assemblies, connector products and components for your interconnect and backplane needs.

Additionally, SUN can produce custom metal plate, Printed Circuit Board, and connector assemblies manufactured to your unique design specifications.

  • SUN has over 55 years of experience in the "interconnect / connector" industry.
  • SUN’s extensive knowledge and expert assistance will insure that you order the most appropriate products and parts.
  • SUN’s responsiveness, "sence of urgency", diligence and dedication to CUSTOMER service and PRODUCT QUALITY will satisfy R&D’s "urgent" prototype and spares requirements in addition to Manufacturing’s "just-in-time" delivery demands.

"We Believe, Practice, and Commit to Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction"

SUN accepts various customer payment options including Company Check, Electronic Funds Wire Transfer and Credit Card!

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