SUN Electronics Distribution Inc. bus strips are passive electronic components that distribute power in electronic equipment. Bus strips are used in various types of applications, such as aerospace, electronic systems, data processing, telecommunication, industrial processing and control, and military applications. Their simple and easy-to-use modular form can efficiently and effectively replace the mass of wire cables and harnesses, resulting in lower costs and simpler assembly.

SUN Electronics Distribution Inc. bus strips are made up of thin, flat metal conductors separated and bonded together by dielectric material and pressed between outer insulating covers. Some applications can be non-insulated. The number of layers, size and thickness of conductors, type and thickness of the dielectric material and the method of termination depend upon the electrical and physical requirements of the application.

SUN Electronics Distribution Inc. bus strips are low insertion force and can be installed with finger pressure. There are five types: alternate terminal spacing, random terminal spacing, repeating grid, and (two) off-the-shelf delivery patterns. There are two styles: a non-insulated style and a kynar insulated style. The power bus has .020 thick copper member added.

SUN can also custom manufacture your product to meet your unique requirements. Please contact us regarding custom configurations or applications.