SUN Electronics Distribution Inc. daughterboard connectors incorporates the blade contact half of the high reliability tuning fork and blade interconnection system.  Utilizing bodies fabricated from lightweight extruded aluminum, SUN provides a cost effective and versatile combination of design  flexibility, high density, reliable performance, and quick turnaround from design to production.   A number of extrusion shapes are available in two- three- and four-row 0.100"grid configurations, manufactured to almost any length.  SUN connectors meet the requirements of high-density applications while maintaining the tight design tolerances necessary for optimum mating performance.  The aluminum body also acts as a shield against electromagnetic interference (EMI).  Special "first make / last break" blade contact arrangements reduce the mating forces associated with high density.  Various keying methods, including standard SEMS techniques are available to ensure effective polarization of the daughter card.

To facilitate daughter card testing, SUN offers a series of tuning fork card extenders, incorporating the same design technology as the blade connectors. which are designed to allow easy access to daughter cards undergoing in-circuit test.

SUN Electronics Distribution Inc. custom daughterboard connectors will mate with most well-designed tuning fork systems and are ideally suited for all military and aerospace fork and blade applications; additionally, they are designed to meet the requirements of WS6157 and MIL-C-28754.


* Wide range of shapes and lengths provide complete design flexibility.

* Quick turnaround from design to production.

* High density 0.100" x 0.100" grid in two, three, and four-row configurations.

* Meets requirements for MIL-C-28754 and WS6157.

* Low insertion force contact arrangement for high-density headers.

* High strength lightweight aluminum bodies.

* Various polarization methods.

* Shielding from electromagnetic interference (EMI).