The I/O Connector series is a high density system especially designed for terminating input output cables to wrapped back plane connector arrays.

The plug connector accepts up to 120 crimp-removable "male blade" contacts which can be terminated to #22 thru #26 gage stranded wire.  The contacts are inserted from the rear and are released from the front.  Contact designations are molded on the front and rear face of the insulator housing for ease of contact location.

The receptacle contacts, fixed to the plate half, are of the turning fork configuration and can be supplied in numerous contact lengths for terminating #28 thru #32 gage solid wire by automatic wrap techniques.  

This design eliminates costly connector alignment techniques or hand wiring, often associated with present back panel connectors.  The receptacle contacts for the I/O connector are as precisely located as the rest of the back panel contacts, and automatic wiring presents no problem.

The plug connector consists of four basic components; insulator body, hood, cable clamp and coupling device.  All molded parts are produced in a high-impact glass reinforced thermoplastic with excellent electrical and thermal characteristics.  All metal parts are stainless steel or beryllium copper.  Each plug assembly is supplied with a contact insertion-extraction tool.  These inexpensive tools can also be purchased separately for spares and field service.

Single, double, or quadruple polarizing keys are available which may be installed in place of crimp contacts.  The polarizing keys mate with appropriately keyed spaces in the receptacle half and preclude assembly errors in multi I/O connector applications.